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DBA Done-Right! Rooter and Plumbing, Inc.
  • Water Main Spot Repairs or Replacement From Meter to the House
  • Pressure Reducing Valve Repairs and House Water Shut Off Valve Repairs
  • Behind the Water Meter Repairs and Pipe Riser to the House Repairs
  • State-of-the-Art Electronic Water Leak Detection
  • We Service the Public

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Just a Small Trench Is Needed
We dig a 15" wide x 4ft. Long ditch to pierce
Hole Piercing to The House
We can pierce up to 40 feet
Better Way of Repairing or Replacing the Water Main from the meter to the House
Hard to Find Ditch In The Grass Area
When we place the original grass back, it's hard to see where we dig.
When it comes to replacing the water main under a driveway and sidewalk, a pneumatic piercing tool delivers the job cheaper and faster to complete. No more digging long trenches or saw cutting driveways and sidewalks. The piercing tool is ideal for installing utilities under existing landscapes or structures. A pneumatic-power tool creates a compact hole that allows a water main to be installed with minimal disruption and cost.

Sometimes We Need To Sawcut

As you can see, we do nice cement work. This cement was just floated, it's not dry yet.
  • Less damage to the lawn area.
  • No damage to the driveway or sidewalks.
  • Either copper or polyethylene (HDPE) is used.
  • Guaranteeing no leaks by giving a Life time warranty for HDPE.
We don't sub our work out.

We service the following areas:
  • Palo Alto
  • Mountain View
  • Cupertino
  • Sunnyvale
  • Santa Clara
  • Los Gatos
  • San Jose
  • Malpitas

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